Hello Darlings!

If you aren’t familiar with us yet, I’m Katie and I am the proud owner (to be!) of Peach Creek Ranch. Right now I am simply the owner of a gorgeous pad of dirt- and next week a lovely piece of foundation! Never mind all those minor details, let’s talk about why booking with us during construction can “pay off” in the long run.

“But Katie! How in the world could I book a venue without it being standing yet?!”

Well, my blushing bride, don’t worry your pretty little head- I’ll tell you exactly why you should book your wedding at PCR during construction in this 3 part blog series.

I completely understand where you’re coming from. You’ve only been engaged five minutes and it feels like you’re already drowning in an expensive mess of photographers, caterers, DJs, bands, and maybe even crazy cool entertainment like belly dancers or magicians if you’re going all out. I know I can’t be the only one who likes magicians, y’all. Whatever your fancy, my first point to this blog series as to why you should book your 2017 College Station wedding at Peach Creek Ranch is Value.

Did you know that couples who live in College Station and have 200 to 300 people they want to party down with on their special day spend between $30,281 - $50,468 on average on their wedding ? I know. Crazy, right? For most people, that’s a generous down payment on a house! We’re here to make our part in that number a smaller percentage than most comparable venues. Our most expensive package, which includes having full reign of PCR from Friday to Sunday and lots of other delicious extras, is $8,000 for all of 2017/2018 bookings. Let’s say you we split that average wedding cost right in the middle at a healthy budget of $40,000. That leaves us sitting at around 18% of the cost of that wedding. And that’s for 48 full hours of Peach Creek Fun!! I mean really, you can’t put a price on that. Well, I guess you can, and that price is pretty ridiculously cheap at $8,000. (Introductory price only valid for wedding booked before May 2016 - does not include lodging for 30)

I probably do not have to tell you that this is a great value if you’ve been shopping around. We’re talking all tables included, all 600 chairs included (300 for reception & 300 for ceremony). We’re also going to do the dirty work of setting up and tearing down for you- that’s right. We’re going to pick up all of those empty shiner bottles after your uncle Steve left them out there on the dance floor, along with the other things he left on the dance floor- his ridiculously embarrassing version of the “Whip”, not the mention the “Nae Nae”. You go Uncle Steve, you do you.

Everyone has an "Uncle Steve". This is mine. 

Everyone has an "Uncle Steve". This is mine. 

We are offering you this amazing rate for 2017 and 2018 because we want you to give us the benefit of the doubt. We may be at the beginning of this process, but for us this is the end of years of planning the perfect venue for our brides. We are making the sacrifice of starting out of the gate with low prices so that our brides can focus on a stress free, weekend long wedding with time to get every detail just right and not have to rush out or clean up at midnight. We believe everyone deserves the right to a stress free day.

Take the chance with our brand new venue- because with us it’s not a chance, it’s a sure thing. Plus, all these things make for happy brides and happy brides do not turn into Bridezillas, which works out well for everyone involved in this day.

Weekend-long wedding + no Bridezillas + lost cost= Bridal Bliss.

Peach Creek Ranch wants to start this journey with one goal in mind, getting you your perfect day. By booking early you can take advantage of these generous prices because we are the new kids on the block, but so eager to take this step with you.

Love & Peaches,