I see you have an awesome rain plan option! How does the rain plan process work?

For every wedding we host at Peach Creek Ranch, we put chairs down at the ceremony site approximately 2 hours before the start of your ceremony. If it is raining during that time or the forecast has a high percent chance of rain right before or during your ceremony, we will make the call to set the chairs under our beautiful covered pavilion that overlooks the water. This way, you and all your guests stay dry and happy! We do have a second arbor that matches the design of the pavilion that we will put in place in the event the ceremony is hosted under the pavilion!

We want the most beautiful wedding possible, but know that some things can get a little messy...

what do you allow us to have for our decor?

We want you to have the most beautiful wedding possible too! That's why we allow a wide variety of floral arrangements and other decorations inside the reception hall and outside on the grounds and ceremony site. At Peach Creek Ranch, we want you to be relaxed and joyful through the end of your night. That is why we provide clean-up of the reception hall and decor! However, some things are harder to clean than others, so we ask that you take the following into consideration when planning for your decor. 


Glitter can get stuck in places and be super hard to clean all the way up! We ask that no glitter be used in or on decor at the reception or on the ceremony site. This includes, but is not limited to, table settings and center pieces and ceremony site. If it is not in a sealed container or on unsealed used on decorations, it can be difficult to keep out of hard to reach places.

Flower Petals

Flower petals are a great addition for your walk down the aisle and make for a beautiful photo-op! Real flowers that are light in color, such as white or light pink, are more than welcome on your big day. In past weddings, we have had fake flowers used that get blown away because you can't weigh them down like we can with real petals. This means they end up in the grass and in the lake where fish can eat them and get sick, while real petals are biodegradable and will become one with nature. Light colored petals save both our aisle and your dress! We have had red, purple, and other dark colored petals stain our brides' beautiful white dresses on their walk down the aisle, and they also leave bad marks on our paved aisle. 


Our reception hall looks so beautiful lit up with candlelight, and we welcome candles as long as they are in candle holders, votives, lanterns or any other container that will ensure wax will not end up on the table cloths. This saves your centerpiece look and your pocketbook. If you rent your tablecloths, any that are returned to your rental company with wax or burns will have to be replaced, and we do not want that to happen! 

Sparklers & Fireworks

Sparklers & Fireworks also make for a beautiful photo and memory for your send off or other moment in your big day. They also pose an obvious fire threat, which is why all sparklers and fireworks must be used in a reasonable and safe way. Standard sparklers are more than welcome to be lit and used by all adult guests as long as they do not pose any obvious threat and are not being used near trees or brush. If your vision for the day of your wedding includes fireworks, the show must be put on by a professional fireworks show company that has at least $2 million liability insurance coverage.


Confetti is unfortunately very messy. It can get in our flower beds, ground up in the concrete, and stuck on the reception hall floor. We have even tried the “Ecofetti” brand out here, but that still creates such a huge mess. Because we have two weddings most weekends, and the confetti is so difficult to clean up completely, we have decided that confetti is no longer allowed on Peach Creek Ranch property. We are so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you or your DJ, and we thank you for understanding our decision on this!

What things does peach creek ranch provide for my wedding day?

Peach Creek Ranch provides some awesome things for the day of your wedding! We provide our venue of course, along with coordination services, a sound system, and tables and chairs. 

Coordination Services

Day of coordination services will be provided by All Things Planned, an awesome coordination company located right here in town! They have 10+ years of coordination experience and have plenty of people and resources to dedicate to your special day. They will also be offering additional full wedding planning services (at an additional, affordable cost!) to those of you that are feeling a bit overwhelmed. Unless you decide to add additional planning services to your current package, they will be reaching out to you again 6 weeks out from your wedding date to create your timeline and floor plan, reach out to vendors, and just to be a support for you during that crucial crunch-time! ATP's day-of coordination service is a $1750 value that we have decided to include in ALL of our packages and we believe this to be an investment completely worth while for our PCR brides.

Sound System & Projector

Peach Creek Ranch also has a wonderful sound system that you’re welcome to implement. However, this sound system is intended for entertainment professionals and DJs to use. That being said, if you do have a person in mind to assist with the music portion of your ceremony or reception, they will need to bring all necessary equipment such as: mixers, laptops, hook ups, and microphones. For further information regarding Peach Creek Ranch’s sound system, please contact management for guidance. We would love to have your DJ or entertainment professional visit Peach Creek Ranch to show them around our speaker system. For any professional, the system is commonly used.

The DJ does not need to bring amplifiers or speakers. They hookup to our system using 2 XLR inputs. If their equipment only has ¼ inch outputs then they need to bring ¼ inch XLR adapters. We have 5 locations around the venue that DJs can hook into. We recommend that they have a separate set of equipment (small mixer, laptop, etc.) for the ceremony site so that they do not have to unhook and re-setup for your reception. We have speakers installed by the ceremony site and a place for your DJ to hookup on the pavilion. We STRONGLY recommend that the DJ bring a good quality lapel/headset mic if you are wanting your officiant (or you and your groom) to be heard through the speakers for your ceremony. Handheld mics are not recommended.

Our projector screen is an awesome 180 inch screen that pulls down on the far wall of the barn (opposite the balcony). This screen is great to project slideshows and videos! In order to connect to the system, you will just need to have a laptop equipped with an HDMI port or an HDMI adapter. We recommend having all material downloaded to your laptop to ensure that you aren’t relying on a wireless connection for streaming. If you would like to leave the projector screen pulled up and use the wall to project your monogram or any other projection on the dark brown wood wall, you will just want to create a landscape document with a black background and white wording!


We have plenty of tables and chairs you are welcome to use any or all of!

40 round tables at 60 inches around and 30 inches tall & 3 half round tables that are 60-inches by 30-inches

  • You can use 120 inch round linens for these tables

  • You can seat up to 10 people at each round table.

25 rectangular tables at 6 feet long/30 inches wide & 5 skinny rectangular tables at 6 feet long by 2 feet wide

  • You can use 132 inch x 90 inch linens for these tables

  • You can seat up to 8 people at each rectangular table, but 6 is recommended.

12 cocktail tables 30-inch wide and 42 inches

  • You can use 132 inch round linens for these tables if you would like to tie them around the base, and 120 inch round linens if you would like to have them un-tied and hit the floor.

1 sweetheart table at 30 inches around

  • You can use 108 inch round linens for this table

630 folding fruitwood chairs

6 barrels at 3 feet tall

2 wood slabs, one 5 feet long and one 8 feet long, both 2 feet wide

8 Patio Heaters

Ceremony Umbrellas

Our Ceremony Sun-Brellas are the perfect addition to the ceremony site if you are worried about the heat and/or the sun shining down on your guests! These are quite heavy and require hard work to bring in and out of the ceremony site, so they are an additional cost of $250. We accept cash only on wedding day for these items, just in case cloud coverage rolls in and you don’t need them, we won’t have to go the process of a credit card refund. See photo below!


Floor Plans

All Things Planned will be reaching out to each couple 6 weeks out before your wedding day to create a floor plan for you. However, if you do need some direction as far as the number of tables you will need for your linen or floral order, you can look at the specs I have included below! After your RSVPs roll in and you have a good idea of your guest count, you can give yourself a good idea of the number of tables you will need by looking at the amount of people that can be seated at each table!


Below are a few measurements that we are asked for frequently. These are helpful for florists especially if you are looking to put greenery/florals across the barn doors, balcony, or bars. We have also included a diagram to help you see the measurements more clearly!

Balcony - 22.5 feet across, 10.5 feet from the floor of the barn the floor of the balcony

Barn Doors - each barn door is 5 feet across, so when they are closed they are 10 feet across

Bar - 11 feet across

Posts in Venue - 13 feet tall

Beams - 20 feet, 10 inches from the top of the beam of the trusses to the floor

Venue - Floorplan (Measurements).png


We have 2 arbors. The big one by the water does not move. It stays where it is year round! It is much too heavy to move and it becomes a liability when we have to move it. However, we have a second, smaller arbor that we will bring out in the case that we execute a rain or weather plan and move the ceremony under the pavilion!

Decorating the arbors: We have had some beautiful things done with our arbor and we absolutely love when our brides drape cloth over it! We do not have cloth available at the venue, but you can go to any craft store that sells fabric and request any fabric. Sheer fabrics have looked beautiful but I've also seen thicker cloth look great as well. The arbor by the lake is about 7 feet wide by 8 feet tall. If you'd like to just place the cloth draped over, you would only need a few more feet than that, but if you'd like to wrap it around the arbor you will need about 30-35 feet of fabric. The arbor that will be used in case of rain plan is 8 feet tall by 5.5 feet wide.

I would love to have a place for my family and bridal party to stay! Does peach creek ranch have any on-site lodging?

At Peach Creek Ranch, we have our designated Bride and Groom Cottages on the West side of the barn. The bride's cottage sleeps 2. The groom's cottage sleeps 4 people as well in 4 bunk beds. Sheets and towels are also provided and laundered, no need to strip the beds!

We also have our Barndominium on site just steps from the venue! It sleeps 28+ people. It is included in all Friday and Saturday packages. Any couples that do not already have Barndominium lodging can add that on to their package, contact us for pricing! The Barndominium allows more guests to stay onsite and not have to worry about driving after a couple night of festivities!

Included in the Barndominium:

All Sheets and Towels

Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash in All Showers

Paper/Plastic Cups, Bowls, Utensils, Paper Towels in the Kitchen

Light Cookware - a Couple Pots and Pans and some Kitchen Utensils for Cooking

Fully Stocked Coffee Bar

Cable TV in Living Area

Below is a floor plan of the Barndominium to help with planning out bed spaces (keep in mind all twin beds on this floor plan are actually a set of bunk beds).

Barndo - 1st Floor.png
Barndo - 2nd Floor.png

What time does my wedding package begin and end?

We truly believe we offer exclusive packages for our brides when it comes to how long you rent out our venue! 48-hour rental packages begin the day before your wedding at 10:00 am and end the day after your wedding at 10:00 am. Your wedding must conclude at midnight. 

Our 24-Hour Packages begin at 10:00 am to allow early access into the barn for personal decor setup for cottage access. Access to the bride cottage begins at 10:30 am and access to grooms cottage begins at 11:00 am. If you have the Barndominium included in your package or you have added it on, you will have access to that space at 2:00 pm. The wedding must conclude at 10:00 pm on Sundays (12:00 am on Saturdays) unless otherwise approved by PCR. Access to the venue (including all lodging included or added on to your package) is allowed until 10:00 am the next morning. 

All personal belongings and guests must be off Peach Creek Ranch Property at 10:00 am the day after your wedding, but we will make sure that at the end of the night everything is picked up and put in a central location ready for pick-up! If any items are left behind after 10:00 am, there is a large chance they will be lost or thrown away, and we are not liable for anything left behind. For this reason, please make sure that you along with all of your guests and friends and family staying at the venue do a thorough sweep of the venue, including the ceremony site, reception barn, and all lodging, as well as anywhere that your items were being stored (the second bar and/or the storage closet).

What does peach creek ranch management do for us on our wedding day?

Peach Creek Ranch has a wonderful staff of interns and managers. On the day of your wedding, there will be someone there acting as manager who will coordinate with the All Things Planned team to take out trash throughout the day, make sure the lights are coordinated and turned on properly for each event during your wedding, make sure the A/C and fans are running to your liking, cleaning up spills, refilling bathroom supplies, and take care of any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the day from you, your guests, or your vendors. 

why does peach creek ranch require a $250 security deposit?

Peach Creek Ranch has had over 200 flawless weddings! However, there are some instances where damage has occurred to our lovely property. We know that our brides and grooms take so much care of our venue and our property and love it just as much as we do. However, you cannot keep an eye on every guest at all times, which means that damage could occur. We send you an invoice the Monday before your wedding to be paid before your wedding package starts. 99 times out of 100, there are no mishaps, and we will send all of that right back to you on the Monday following your wedding.


I know there are a lot of people that go into making our wedding as magical as possible! what do you recommend or require for vendors?

We have just two requirements! First, we require that Luke's Bartending provide and serve all alcohol at your reception. Second, we require security in the form of an off duty peace officer at every event, hired by the Bride and Groom. One security guard is required for every 300 guests. These requirements protect your bartenders, guests, us, and you in the case of any incident! 

Preferred Vendors

There are some AWESOME vendors in the area that we love to see at our venue because they make our brides and grooms (and us) oh so happy!! We also have a short list of prohibited vendors that can be found at the end of this list. If you have already booked one of these vendors for your wedding, don't fret. We can make things work and you are more than welcome to still use that vendor--we promise your wedding will be as perfect as can possibly be! We have just made these recommendations based on past interactions with these specific vendors and want all of our couples to have the best day possible! 

Peach Creek Ranch // Preferred Vendors


1023 Photography

All Heart Photography

Ashley Madrano Photography

Canon Creek

Dobraski + Stepanski Photography

Good Omen Co

Kati Hewitt Photography

Kristin Carrigan Weddings

Kristina Ross Photography

Lauren Parr Photography

Lauryl Harvey Photography

Rachel Driskell Photography

San Angel Photo

Tara Barnes Photo

Uncle Tio Photography

Whitney Gilmer Photography

Austin Oden Videography

Levi Hanusch Videography

Odyssey Filmworks

Reverent Wedding Films

Wanderlust Wedding Co

Vine & Branches Productions
Photo Booths


Gingersnap Photo Camper

Lifetime Selfies

Ooby Dooby Photobus

Buppy's Catering

D'Vine Cuisine

Epicures Catering

Global Catering

Hilton {Off Site Catering}

Lighthouse Catering

Napa Flats

On The Border

Tailgate Troubadours

Texas Country Catering
Bar Services

Luke's Bartending
Cakes and Desserts

Cakes by Blondie

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Pie in the Sky

Sandee's Sweets

Truly Scrumptious
Floral Designers

Petal Patch

Tamara Menges Floral

Unforgettable Florals

Urban Rubbish

Willow Lane
Linens + Rentals

Ashley & Co.

Details Party Rentals

Events To Remember

Party Time Rentals

Specialty, Vintage, and Furniture Rentals

Vestige Event Rentals


Invitation Solutions

Peach Paper + Design

Bridal Boutiques

Brickhouse Bridal

Coreena’s Bridal

Ceremony Musicians

Brazos Valley String Quartet

College Station String Quartet

Jeremy McBee {Pianist & Singer}

Third Floor Strings

Downtown Event Services

DJ English Chris

DJ Franco

Enloe Entertainment

J&A Entertainment

Southern Style Entertainment

Chris Crow Band

Nolan Pick Band

Say Yes Juliette

Texas Twisters

Texas Unlimited Band
Bridal Salons

Brickhouse Bridal

Pure Bliss Spa

Whittington Bridal

VIP Bridal

Hair + Makeup Artists  

Analisa Hastings Hairstyling + Airbrush Makeup


Blush & Glow

Naturally Flawless Hair + Makeup Design

Best Western Plus

Courtyard Marriott

La Quinta {Graham} 

TNT Security Solutions 936-661-2448

Adam Dodson 979-219-1077

Albert Reeder 979-324-9201


Aggieland Limo

Ed Cravey Transportation

Ground Shuttle


Abia Tabacco - Cigar Roller

Bubblelloon Giant Balloons - Specialty Balloons

Good Bull Parking - Valet Parking Service

Lil Texans on the Go - On Site Babysitting Service

-- Prohibited Vendors --

Kosher Palate

Ricky's Catering

what we recommend if you have any other special requests for your big day

We love when couples do fun things on their wedding day! As mentioned above, there are some things that can get tricky to pull off on your wedding day. However, there are some things that we are VERY capable of pulling off for you with a little communication! For example, if you'd like a slideshow playing during your reception, we would love to know about that. We have an awesome projector and screen that we can display a number of things on. If you'd like a fireworks show, let us know and we can connect you with a company and work with them to make that happen. If you'd like beer toting donkeys (look it up--it's real!!!) then we can make that happen too! Your imagination is your limit when it comes to your wedding day, and we love making these creative things happen! 

These are only our Frequently Asked Questions and Recommendations on things we have run into thus far. If there are any more questions that we can help answer for you or any other help we can provide, please do not hesitate to reach out to staff at Peach Creek Ranch! We would love to help you make your day as magical as possible.